What is Aloe Vera?

What is Aloe Vera?

What is Aloe Vera? Aloe vera is a succulent plant native to warmer climate areas such as Central America, Mexico and South East Asia and has long been known to to hold highly beneficial healing powers for those that live in climates that support its growth.

Long renowned for its soothing and healing properties on the skin, Aloe Vera is now being recognised as a superfood for its healing abilities when taken orally.

In fact take a look at any health food store these days and you’ll almost certainly find a bottle or two of Aloe Vera gel or juice. In fact you’re likely to find a whole section dedicated to this potent plant but is Aloe Vera safe to use?

What is Aloe Vera?

The Aloe Leaf

The Aloe leaf can be split into three parts.

The outer rind, the inner gel and the juice or latex in between these two layers.

When it comes to actually using the Aloe Vera plant there are a few things that you need to know.

The Aloe leaf can be separated into three distinct parts, the outer layer or rind, the inner section of gel and the Aloe juice or latex that bleeds from the plant when it’s cut.

The juice or latex is bitter tasting and contains a laxative which if ingested can cause an upset stomach. This should always be avoided. The inner gel however is full of goodness and contains a multitude of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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